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Framing Challenges to Maximize Positive Response

How does one reprimand their employees? It’s a question that has long been on the minds of bosses since the concept of bosses and employees arose. Ever since commerce was founded by human civilization. Luckily, we’re far more civilized by the way we approach reprimands and grievances within the work place. Good advice on ACAS code is hard to come by but it’s important for any boss or head of human resources to have a deep understanding of the codes and how to which they should be interpreted. At times the spirit of the ACAS code is enough to approach an employee with but there are going to be situations where the codes will require strict interpretation and application. It’s how law work in society and therefore it should be exercised to a similar degree through the ACAS codes within the work place. However, there is far more room for the application of emotional intelligence. Continue reading