Monthly Archives: February 2017

Doing Everything on My Own Did Not Seem Like the Right Answer

Years ago, I remember seeing many websites that offer pre-made, generic website templates that anyone could use. There was no cost, as long as you could stomach some ads place on your page in return for their use. All you had to do was replace their text and their graphics with your own. So I went looking for this type of site recently, but they did not look very professional or very nice. So, I knew that I would need to work with someone on ecommerce website design for me. I need a something that look professional, not something that looks like I put it together myself with no experience at all. I need the ability to impress customers, not push them away to one of our competitors.

I began asking around for references from other people to see who they used for their own company websites. I received a nice number of businesses to contact by doing that. However, I thought it was also important to go take a look at the web page design of every company that had been pointed out to me. That really helped whittle down the number of companies to check into. After that, all I had to do was to visit the websites of the companies in question to look carefully through their portfolios as a final step in my research.

I noticed rather quickly that the design work of two particular companies really spoke to me. Rather than spend time calling anyone else, I chose to focus on these two businesses. My choice would come down to what the price quotes would be, and whatever they told me over the phone. After about 20 minutes of asking questions of each company over the telephone, I picked the company who would make my website.