Monthly Archives: October 2017

Making Outdoor Use Products and Reducing Waste

When I started into manufacturing products I would invent I was greatly into waste reduction and recycling even when I only had two machines in my garage that comprised my entire production facility. I would reuse and recycle everything I possibly could. I wanted to be a sustainable venture from the beginning. Since my products were designed to be used by outdoor enthusiasts, it was a practical necessity to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as I could even if I had not been personally interested in the lifestyle. However, it is something I am interested in. I even looked into green providers for the energy I used.

Part of the polymers I use in the product would be waste after molding due to a structural integrity issue of remelting it and incorporating the trimmed pieces back into the products. Continue reading

Making an Office Space Feel Like Home Makes Us All Feel Better About the Work

I came up with a business idea. Well, actually I came up with an idea for an app that we could build on to develop a sustainable business. I could write the code for the app, but all of the rest of the stuff was new for me. I needed people to spread out all the work involved, and we needed an office where we could be together to work together as a team. Comparatively, I knew as little about office interior solutions as I did a lot about programming. However, I was able to put together a very nice interior space in a loft I rented for our office.

The building is old on the outside, but we have it nice on the inside. I made the office open and comfortable like a home. Continue reading