Monthly Archives: June 2018

A Peace of Mind for Mom

My mother means so much to me. She has sacrificed so much for my siblings and I. She has always been a shoulder for us to lean on during hard times. We continue to take her wise advice to this very day as adults. We are very close to her. When my siblings and I moved away to go to college, we were worried about leaving our mother along. We felt worried because we thought something bad would happen to her. Our priority was keeping her safe. We researched CCTV systems to keep the house secure while we were away to protect her.

One incident in my mother’s neighborhood rattled her piece of mind. One of her elderly friends was a victim of a violent home invasion. Continue reading

I Have Been Shooting Clays for Decades and Never Violated a Safety Rule

I think it is great to learn to shoot. People go all nuts when the conversation turns to guns. I took clay shooting lessons as a child, and am quite the accomplished shooter now. I have been clay and target shooting since I was a very young boy and have never hurt anyone. Using a gun is no different that using a car, a chainsaw, lawnmower or other tool that could be very dangerous if rules of safety are not followed. I probably have shot hundreds of thousands of shot shells. That is a conservative estimate. When I do a quick adding up of how many rounds per session I shoot and how many times I estimate I have shot, the count is over a million. It is definitely well over a million if you add in the rifle and handgun target practice I put in over the years. Continue reading