Monthly Archives: September 2018

Watching Horses and Eating Crow

My brother has always been against me betting. He would say that it was a waste of money and that I would regret it once my bank account was left with nothing in it. At some point, I might have agreed with him, but that was before I learned how to bet successfully. My brother criticized me for betting on National Hunt racing, but after he saw all of the money that I was making from it, he begged me to show him how to bet. This was the first time I saw him change his mind on something so quickly.

The secret to making successful bets on races is to analyze the horses and races. Once anyone realizes this, they can easily make bets that will win. Continue reading

A Trip with My Love

Traveling can be very fun and empowering. It can be intimidation at first, but eventually it is very pleasant. I used to be scared to travel, but I realized that I was not living to my full potential. I knew that I had to step outside of my comfort zone to fully live my life. I decided to take a trip to South Korea and met a beautiful woman named Dasom. We fell in love. We travel the world together as a couple. Recently, we heard about walking holidays in Spain. Dasom and I decided to try it and we had a blast.

Dasom and I met in South Korea. It was my first time flying overseas to Asia. Continue reading