A Peace of Mind for Mom

My mother means so much to me. She has sacrificed so much for my siblings and I. She has always been a shoulder for us to lean on during hard times. We continue to take her wise advice to this very day as adults. We are very close to her. When my siblings and I moved away to go to college, we were worried about leaving our mother along. We felt worried because we thought something bad would happen to her. Our priority was keeping her safe. We researched CCTV systems to keep the house secure while we were away to protect her.

One incident in my mother’s neighborhood rattled her piece of mind. One of her elderly friends was a victim of a violent home invasion. Some thugs posed as utility specialists and ransacked her house. The criminals tied the elderly woman up and stole her belongings. Luckily, she was alive and unharmed. Things could have been much worse for her. She called the police to report the crime, but the thugs were already far away from the crime scene. My mother’s friend no longer felt safe in her own home. She decided to get a security system and a gun.

Thinking about what happened to my mom’s friend made me really think. I felt sick to my stomach about the possibilities of this happening to my mom. I would have been devastated if something bad were to happen to her. My siblings and I agreed that my mother needed extra protection. We all chipped in and purchased a new security system for my mom. We found a very reputable company to install it. The system also came with a CCTV system that is compatible with my mother’s computer and television. She could see every camera view outside the house. My mother would be able to see anyone who approaches her property and take the proper action.

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