A Trip with My Love

Traveling can be very fun and empowering. It can be intimidation at first, but eventually it is very pleasant. I used to be scared to travel, but I realized that I was not living to my full potential. I knew that I had to step outside of my comfort zone to fully live my life. I decided to take a trip to South Korea and met a beautiful woman named Dasom. We fell in love. We travel the world together as a couple. Recently, we heard about walking holidays in Spain. Dasom and I decided to try it and we had a blast.

Dasom and I met in South Korea. It was my first time flying overseas to Asia. I did not know that I would be meeting the love of my life. We both were on the same plane. She sat in front of me in first class. I was immediately smitten by her. We talked to each other during the long flight. I was so intrigued by her beauty and intelligence. When we arrived, she showed me around her neck of the woods. We had so much fun together, that I did not ever want it to end. Dasom and I kept in touch and traveled together.

Our friend Roger was the one who told us about the walking holiday. We had never heard of it before, but Roger claimed they were very romantic. Dasom and I wanted to try it for ourselves. We booked the next flight to Spain. We stayed a a lavish hotel. We could see all of the wonderful buildings from our hotel. The next day we went on our first walking trip. We traveled with a guide to the Sierra Nevada. It was so beautiful. The view took our breath away. Dasom and I held hands the whole time.

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