Gun Shooting As a Hobby

When my husband decided to try clay shooting as a hobby, I was not sure what to think of it. I knew nothing about guns, nor did I really want to. That all changed when he had me come with him and some friends when they did some shooting, and I went from not being interested at all to being so fascinated that I wanted to go with him to the gun shop in Bristol where he was going to look for his own shotgun. I had never been in a gun shop before, as I just had no interest prior to this, so that was a real eye opener to me too.

The first thing that caught my attention was how classy everything looked. I was so surprised by this, because I just had a different image in my mind, mostly because of the films we had seen that don’t always portray gun shops in the best light. This one was like nothing I had seen in films or TV shows though. It was very classy, as I said, and it had so many different types of guns that I became enamored with wanting to know all the differences.

My husband still teases me about how much I have changed over the last few years. I went from pretty much disliking guns to going with him when he goes out shooting, and going to the gun shop is actually one of my favorite things to do now. We don’t go there often, but every time we go it is such a fun treat for both of us. I have even started shooting clay pigeons myself, and I am pretty good at it! I never would have thought that this would be a hobby that my husband and I would enjoy with one another!

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