I Have Been Shooting Clays for Decades and Never Violated a Safety Rule

I think it is great to learn to shoot. People go all nuts when the conversation turns to guns. I took clay shooting lessons as a child, and am quite the accomplished shooter now. I have been clay and target shooting since I was a very young boy and have never hurt anyone. Using a gun is no different that using a car, a chainsaw, lawnmower or other tool that could be very dangerous if rules of safety are not followed. I probably have shot hundreds of thousands of shot shells. That is a conservative estimate. When I do a quick adding up of how many rounds per session I shoot and how many times I estimate I have shot, the count is over a million. It is definitely well over a million if you add in the rifle and handgun target practice I put in over the years.

Today, five full decades since I shot my first round of ammunition from a gun, I still follow the same safety rules my dad taught me. There is no margin for error the same as there is none for using tools such as a chainsaw or automobile. Just because I have certificates hanging on the wall and trophies in glass cases that tell me that I am an expert or champion clay shooter, I do not take shortcuts with safety. I default back to my clay shooting lessons I had as a young child that taught me the proper way to use a shotgun.

I enjoy this hobby and even have earned a few pounds dabbling in the pro circuit. I prefer to keep it as a hobby though. I am only competitive against myself, and that kind of hinders me from winning more. I enjoy it as a sport where I can just compete with myself.

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