Making Outdoor Use Products and Reducing Waste

When I started into manufacturing products I would invent I was greatly into waste reduction and recycling even when I only had two machines in my garage that comprised my entire production facility. I would reuse and recycle everything I possibly could. I wanted to be a sustainable venture from the beginning. Since my products were designed to be used by outdoor enthusiasts, it was a practical necessity to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as I could even if I had not been personally interested in the lifestyle. However, it is something I am interested in. I even looked into green providers for the energy I used.

Part of the polymers I use in the product would be waste after molding due to a structural integrity issue of remelting it and incorporating the trimmed pieces back into the products. So, instead of just filling up a landfill with the plastic, I send it to a company that uses it to make another product altogether. Now we reuse some of it in a new product we are making that can be made from remelted plastic that is the trimmed pieces from another molded product. We have even sought expert help in reducing our packaging to the bare minimum. Our customers are not interested in the unboxing phenomenon that so many other consumers seem to need to have, especially with electronic products.

Our outdoor use products are rugged and do not need any protective packaging. We even practice a philosophy of choosing a better material for product designs so that we do not have any weak pieces where we would need to provide so many replacement parts for. An example would be the mouthpieces on our drink bottles. The Nalgene is practically indestructible for the bottle, but the lids are a different plastic. We made them more durable to not wear out. This also cuts down on waste and keeps things out of landfills.

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