See Your Home Anytime You Want

I was speaking to one of my friends about the ways that people call you and you do not know who they are. I told people that it was important to keep an eye on your home and that you could use cameras to view your home without having to hire one of those companies that calls you while disguising their phone number. I feel that if a company has to change their number to call you then maybe you shouldn’t have to answer if they can not be honest about who they are. I saw hikvision ip cctv and other type of websites that said that they could help you with your home security and that made me feel good. I felt amazing knowing that there were online videos that could show you how you should go and actually set up your cameras to set up your own home security system.

My family told me that they thought it was interesting that there were people who would call you with a different phone number and spoof who they are. I told them that it was the new way to get you to answer the phone. These companies will hide their real name and phone number and pull a local phone number from your area. That way, it looks like there is someone calling you that is local and you may be more intent to answer it. I always see if someone local is calling me and they do not leave a message I will call back and often times it says that the phone number is not even in service at the time. I did not know if this was legal but I told a company to stop calling me or it would be reported to the local police.

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